• Continuing to pursue its commitment to quality products and service, GlobTek, a world-class provider of medical grade power supplies and power electronic solutions, now has Malaysia Suruhanjaya Tenaga... Power Supply AC Adapter certified & approved by Malaysia Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission) to mark the ST Mark per Electricity Supply Act 1990 (Akta Bekalan Elektrik)
  • Implemented on May 1, 2002 and fully effective on August 1, 2003 , the CCC Mark- China Compulsory Certification mark is required for a wide range of manufactured products before being exported to or sold... Blocs secteur avec adaptateurs secteur homologués pour la Chine et marqués CCC selon les normes GB4943.2-2001, GB9254-2008, GB17625.1-2003 and GB4943.1-2011
  • The regulations for Korea Safety Mark are based on the Korean Safety Law. This law changed on July 1st, 2000. There are our major changes as per revised Korea Safety Law:

The Korean Safety Law divides... Blocs secteur homologués pour la Corée avec adaptateurs secteur
  • According to the DOE, Power over Ethernet injectors must comply with Level Vi efficiency requirements. Information related to this requirement may be found online:

GlobTek... Injecteurs sur Ethernet conformes au niveau VI de la spécification du Département de l’énergie DOE) pour alimentations externes
  • GlobTek offers off the shelf magnetic connector MAG2C2A11851M5xxxA(R as a standard magnetic connector output cord option for power supplies or MAG2C2A11851M5USBA(R as a detachable connector with USB-A... Connecteur aimanté caractérisé par un design élégant, une connexion facile, une protection contre corps étrangers et un portage de courant élevé
  • Coc Tier 2 is a forthcoming European regulation governing energy efficiency for external power supplies. It effects all countries in the European Union. It is expected to go into force as early as 2018. 2e pas vers des alimentations à haut rendement avec le Code de bonne conduite et la Directive éco-design (ErP)
  • GlobTek is able to support medical manufacturer requirements for restricted materials exceeding the requirements of Reach and RoHS. GlobTek has long experience serving the medical device manufacturing... GlobTek fournit alimentations, câbles et packs batteries qui, en plus de REACH et RoHS, sont exemptes de matières indésirables comme le PVC et le PC
  • GlobTek's GTM96900P90VV.V-T3 family of power supplies offers an optional factory configurable version with 61000-3-2 class C compliance. IEC 61000-3-2  Alimentations médicales et TIC selon 61000-3-2 classe C, puissance 40-60W/75-90W, modèle GTM96900P90VV.V-T3
  • The UL 1310, Class 2 Power Units, standard applies to power supplies within a limited output current and output voltage range.
The Class 2 standard is specified in UL Standard Number UL1310. In order... Alimentations conformes à UL1310 en classe 2
  • A Limited Power Source (LPS) as defined in 60950, is a secondary circuit with an open circuit output voltage, UOC, not exceeding the SELV circuit limits of 42.4 VPEAK or 60 VDC. The maximum apparent power,... Blocs secteur selon 60950-1 à puissance limitée ('LPS')
  • RoHS 3 (2015/863) adds four more substances (all phthalates) to the list of restricted chemicals under Annex II. This brings the total number of restricted substances to 10:

Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate... Alimentations conforme à RoHS-3
  • GlobTek announces the availability of a Lightning style connector, suitable for use on a wide range of Medically certified to AAMI ES60601-1, IEC60601-1 and 60601-1-11 standards 5V power supplies and chargers. Alimentations médicales et chargeurs avec adaptateurs secteur à utiliser avec des tablettes Apple, idéales pour une utilisation dans des hôpitaux ou dans un environnement médicalisé; réf. USBA0M8LITEWH(R)